Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Operation Mouse Trap

Well a few days ago we saw a mouse in our apartment. So I went to the store and bought some mouse traps. The traps are pretty crappy, and the mouse has taken the bait off the trap without getting caught multiple times. The apartment management cam e and brought a sticky trap, and so far it has not worked. So today I devised a system, that I thought would catch the mouse for sure......

Above is a photo of the set-up I thought would get the mouse for sure.

Below is the photo of traps when I came home later tonight...... The dang mouse got the peanut butter off the traps again without getting caught!!!!

Pressing Flowers

For one of my classes we have an assignment of pressing flowers. (20 perennials and 20 annuals) I am not really sure when the assignment is due, but I decided to get started before the plants all die. It has actually been a fun process, a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The process consists of harvesting the flowers. I brought the flowers home and cut up a bunch of cardboard. I then put down some cardboard, a sheet of newspaper, the flower, then another sheet of newspaper, and then another layer of cardboard.... Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.... Then on Friday I have to replace the newspaper sheets to prevent the flowers from molding. Soon I have to go back and try to identify all the flowers that I have harvested so far.

Bike Ride to Squaw Peak

Today I got my bike tuned up so I decided to go for a ride. I have wanted to go for a long ride for some time so I headed up to Squaw Peak. The trip was a lot longer than I had planned. About half a mile from the top, I got passed by a big truck, I heard it continue to climb up the mounatin.... I nearly turned back thinking that I still had MILES to go. I decided to suck it up and keep going, then I found that I was really close to the look out point. It was a really good ride.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

School and Such

Well I took some pictures during one of my classes yesterday to show what biology 235 is like. We go out and collect plant samples and memorize Family, Genus, Species. At first it was tough, but now my mind is back in school mode and it is getting easier.
After we go out and collect plants, we come back to the class and take pictures to use for flashcards. (1st Picture)
At the begining of each class we lay out all the various plant samples and have a quiz over the material. Each quiz consists of 10 plants, but there are about 70 plants out on the tables. One lucky student gets to pick out which plants we are tested on. (2nd and 3rd Pictures)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Apartment

Here I am enjoying some OREO's in celebration of bYu beating Oklahoma on Saturday night!!!

Well I am finally back in Provo and dreading every day that I have to go back to class. I can't wait to be done. People tell me that once you are done you wish you were back in school, but I disagree. How can you beat coming home and watching tv or browsing the internet all night and not feeling guilty that you did not do any homework??? Well anyways here are some pictures of my new place. It looks a little cluttered but it is not that bad. I have already re-arranged to get all my stuff to fit.