Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disease Season???

Well in the month of June we recieved a lot of rain. Well by Utah desert standards we recieved a lot of rain. Now on the course we have some sort of disease that has popped up. The boss is not too worried about it, but I think that it has progressively worsened as the days have gone on. The boss said that the course will eventually dry out and the disease will go away. I would guess that the disease is necrotic ring spot, but I am not sure. (It is not extremely developed)

Making New Golf Clubs

So i decided that I would try to make some new golf clubs. I purchased the items off and have put three of them together. Three more heads should be shipped to me the first week of July so I can get teh rest put together. I also decided that I would attempt to regrip my clubs. so far I have regripped my driver and my putter. I will get the other clubs done soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spray, Spray, Spray...

Well we have done a lot of interesting things, unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of everything. I have included some more pictures of our annual bluegrass control experiment. I feel like the whole thing was a failure, but we keep on doing it. There are just several holes that have huge dead spots in them now... Hopefully with all the rain that we have been getting the sand and seed that we put out will grow.

We have also been spraying for dandelions. I was only using a 25 gallon tank, because the backpack sprayer had no straps, so I decided to make my own straps.

We also sprayed the fairways with ferrous sulfate and primo. Primo is a growth regulator to slow the growth of the grass. We are trying to slow the vertical growth of the plant and promote more lateral growth. I sprayed a few fairways and then spent some time on the mix tank. The guy that operated the mix tank just sat and waited for the sprayer to be empty so that it could be refilled quickly.