Friday, October 28, 2011

Adios Amigos! and Nepalis!

Well four months later and our season has come to a close. We blew out the irrigation system this week-- wednesday, thursday, and friday. We let about 20 employees go today. I was surprised that when we told them if they wanted to continue working they could keep coming until the snow flies and only 5 nepalis and 5 amigos took us up on our offer.

During the past four months:
We hosted the Cauldron Cup (a big member guest tournament)
Played a fair amount of golf
Carded a 10.5 handicap a personal best for me
Suffered a "Minor" Traumatic Brain Injury while pounding in T-Posts
Had a great time with my family in Provo/Ogden
Recieved my WNFR Tickets! Can't Wait for Vegas in early December
Had my first authentic Nepali Meal. There was a BIG Nepali festival this week. I gave an employee a ride home today (10/28) after work and when I dropped him off he invited me into his home and they fed me dinner. It was a sort of cabbage wonton i think... it was cabbage and onions wrapped in a "noodle-like" shell served with hot sauce.

So a lot has happened in the last four months. Work at times was difficult, I did not get the best performance review, but I did try my best this summer. I was told that I was too inconsistent in my irrigation adjustments resulting in too many wet and dry spots on the course...................

BUT this morning I asked if I was going to have a job through the winter and into next season and I was told YES!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow or sometime next week I will be looking for an apartment and trying to figure out where to live. Wish me luck!

Goodbye for Now, hopefully it will not be another four months