Saturday, October 24, 2009

College Game Day

Here are my two signs. Right when I showed up, the police came and told me that the bottom one was unacceptable, and also we could not have signs on poles, so I just put it back in my car.

College Game Day made their weekly stop in Provo this week. So I went out bought some supplies, made some signs, put a flag on a pole, and headed out to show my support for the greatest thing to happen to Saturday's EVER!!!!

It was so much fun. There were a bunch of BSU, UofU, TCU, and fans from many other colleges in attendance. Everyone told the BSU fans that they were overrated. Which is funny because bYu has never defeated the team.

Security was rather intense. I should have expected that, being at bYu, but it was surprising. Originally they told us that ESPN would not allow any flags or signs on poles. Also we were not to have any signs that were demeaning to any other team or player.
All in all I had a blast!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Views of Garden Valley

Each morning when I woke up there was mist that filled the valley, I thought that it gave the mountains "personality"

Workin' with Brent and YSA Activity

On Saturday, Brent called and asked me what I was doing in Idaho. He told me that he needed to do some work on his house in Emmett, and I had already finished all I wanted to, so I headed to Emmett. On my way to Emmett, I stopped at a girl's house and she invited me to a YSA activity later on in the evening. It was altogether a good time. I did feel like a bum at the activity dressed in some crummy work clothes, but oh well...
The YSA activity was a dessert auction/dance? I think that people danced to about 3 songs. It was pretty fun, I bought my dessert early in the auction, and had to wait about 30 minutes for the rest of the auction to take place. It was fun and the dessert was good too.

Weekend in Idaho

So while my parents were away on vacation, I went home to do some chores. I had a great time enjoying the peace and quiet, and getting dirty! I stacked a bunch of wood in preparation for Christmas and also built some shelves in the garage.

I also rewarded myself after a long day of work with some steak and oreos.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adios Bicycle! :(

Well in an attempt to save some money for the Rutgers professional turf school, I decided to sell my bike. I did not want to do it, but I can always get a new one next summer. I sold it on ebay to someone up in Ogden. I had some good times, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.