Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monthly Update:

Well it has been about 1.5 months since my last post, and since my dad told me to update the blog, i will.

There has not been too much going on lately. The high points have been traveling to Columbia, SC to see a football game, Lisa and Ryan, and watching the bYu game.

Here are some pictures from work. The quality is poor, because I took the pictures with my cell phone. Below each picture is a description of what is shown.
This is a picture of the 5th green. We lost about 45% of the turf on the green due to the bacterial wilt. About 2 weeks ago we aerified the greens, the dimple tined them, then seeded them, then topdressed them, then seeded them again, then sliced them with a sand pro, and finally we fertilized the greens and started to apply large amounts of water... 3 minutes per sprinkler each hour.

This photo show how bad the 13th green is. This picture was taken about one week after the seeding process.
This photo was taken the night of the first mowing of the recently seeded greens. The picture was taken to show what is suspected to be the bacterial wilt still active on the greens. There are areas like this on several greens. We had the tedious seeding process, but we DID NOT do anything to take care of or kill the bacteria in the soil. Hopefully the greens grow in and survive until the tournament next year.
My roommate Chris, he was really excited to be mowing the greens again at night. We stopped mowing them for about 2 weeks while they were growing in. This was the first cut on the 7th green.
This is the first cut on the 1st green. I mowed this green for the first time at .240".
This is the wet spot I mowed yesterday and received a "double bogey" for my damage. The worst spot is in the bottom of the photo and it is of green sand we threw out to cover the "sludge" that rose to the surface because I mowed over the area.