Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Bubble is Bursting

We had some snow mold on a few of our greens and we decided to try to build a "greenhouse" bubble over the putting surface to help raise soil temperatures to promote growth. The sheet of plastic is 10 mil thick, reinforced with cord, and 50 x 110 ft. We verticut the green, fertilized it, seeded it, topdressed it, and then fertilized it again. We finished the process with 20 minutes of water. WE then pulled the cover over the green and put in a lot of staples to hold it down. We then hooked up a heater/blower to inflate the bubble. The temperature inside was very nice. It is a little humid, but the soil temps are rising and seed should be sprouting in a few days. The thermometer is a little inaccurate due to the direct sunlight adding extra heat. it was not that warm inside. Before and after pictures will be posted soon.

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